Rusty Bed springs Abandoned House Ontario Urban Exploring

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Rusty Bed Springs Abandoned House, Ontario Urban Exploring

“Rusty Bed-Springs by I.P. Freely.”
This is the story of a road trip last November with RiddimRyder, we had driven many many miles to visit and explore a number of locations, and while driving in between locations we were always on the lookout for other finds. We passed this large abandoned house in between spots that looked like something out of a Stephen King movie.
It was tall, surrounded by overgrowth and very creepy looking. We thought for sure we were in for a big surprise once we got inside, maybe a big staircase, couches and chairs, a big ugly area rug…this was gonna be good!!
Once inside…man oh man, it was a huge disappointment but what was interesting were the mattresses and bed-springs in pretty much every room and hallway.
You really couldn’t take a photo without a mattress or bed-spring in the shot.
Hence the name of this post