Sexy Staircase Abandoned Mansion with 4 Car Garage 

Super Sexy Staircase Abandoned Mansion

Sexy Staircase Abandoned Mansion with 4 Car Garage

This abandoned mansion with a super sexy staircase is worth almost $2,000,000. The abandoned mansion has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and a 4 car garage!

JUST when we couldn’t be MORE sick and tired of the squeaky clean questionably abandoned mansions Freaktography brings you yet ANOTHER one!!!!!

Brought to you by Freaktography, RiddimRyder Photography and Zenning with Zay, this is your first look into the Super Sexy Staircase Mansion

Located in an area with much development, it is likely that this home, property and all that surround it has been purchased by a developer to be demolished and replaced with a multi unit condo.

The mansion is basically in perfect condition with nearly new appliances, hard wood floors, a gorgeous staircase and dramatic chandelier hanging from the ceiling, next to a large skylight.

The power still runs, but no one is home, the lawn is overgrown and the home sits, awaiting the wrecking ball

360 Degree Photos from the Sexy Staircase Abandoned Mansion

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RiddimRyder Photography

Zenning with Zay

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