Smokey Hollow Waterfall Waterdown Ontario

Smokey Hollow Falls, Waterdown Ontario Waterfall

Smokey Hollow Falls, also known as Grindstone Falls, Waterdown Falls or Great Falls is a beautiful ribbon waterfall in a leafy forest setting that flows from Grindstone Creek in Waterdown.

At 10 metres tall, this isn’t the area’s biggest waterfall, but this short and fast-flowing waterfall is surrounded by a great section of the Bruce Trail. It has a rugged footpath tracing its way up and down the ravine formed by Niagara Escarpment.

Once used to power a local sawmill, the falls are now the centre of beautifully rehabilitated park land.

In 1805, Alexander Brown built a sawmill beside these falls, spurring settlement at nearby waterdown ontario.  By the turn of the century, power from grindstone creek was used to run several mills and foundries

Some operations were also steam powered and as the valley became thick with industrial smoke, the area was nicknamed smokey hollow.

Mill production at the site ceased in 1912

Today, the site is a popular destination for locals to flock to for photographs or a relaxing visit.

Smokey Hollow Waterfall Photo Gallery

Smokey Hollow Falls Waterfall 360 Degree Photo

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