St Marys of the Lake Hospital Kingston | Urban Exploring

St Marys of the Lake Hospital Kingston | Abandoned Hospitals | Urban Exploring

This abandoned hospital provided non-acute chronic health care for people living in Ontario Canada.

Built in 1946 as a teaching hospital specializing in rehab, geriatric services, complex continuing care and palliative care. This abandoned medical facility had 144 beds: 72 complex continuing care, 6 palliative care, 46 rehabilitation, 16 geriatric medicine, and 4 respite care beds.

The local medical organization who had been utilizing this hospital vacated the property in mid 2017 after a more modern facility was completed.

“The site had outlived its useful life for hospital-based services,” stated the CEO of the local medical care organization.

The hospital was then purchased by a local university for to ease space restrictions at the nearby campus.

Currently the former hospital is undergoing partial demolition and renovations to allow for the new adaptive reuse by the university.

This site is not actually considered abandoned, while it had sat empty and vacant for approximately three years, the facility is now an active construction site as the demolition and renovation teams work to prepare the buildings for their new use.

It is not advised that anyone interested visit this site for the purposes of photography or exploration


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