Stylish Window & Door Designs

Stylish Window & Door Designs For Your Home Reno in BC

8 Stylish Window & Door Designs to Consider For Your Home Renovation in BC

Planning to modernize your home to make it look fresh and stand out in your neighbourhood? Then window or door replacement projects should have been your first thought. These units are the focal points that make your house convey that desired wow effect with a unique shape, style and elegance.

But how do you choose products that perfectly complement your house design, boost its energy efficiency performance and match your preferences? We have prepared this post to share 10 terrific ideas that will come in handy when planning window replacement in Vancouver, BC.

Huge Picture Windows with A Unique Shape

1 - Huge Picture Windows with A Unique Shape

Picture windows are your go-to option if energy efficiency is your first concern. These models are non-operable but bring amazing views outside, thanks to the huge glass area. This particular design features a half-oval glass element above the main window to emphasize the unique design and enrich the traditional look. 

Combination Windows

2 - Combination Windows

What can be better than panorama windows with huge glass areas to contemplate an amazing view outdoors? Only the combination units which provide unobstructed scenery and help ventilate your room. This design features a large, central picture window with two side units (of single-hung style). All products are painted white to match the interior of this house perfectly.

3-Panel Sliding Patio Doors

3 - 3-Panel Sliding Patio Doors

Have a nice patio, backyard or just a fantastic view like in this case? Then consider installing modern 3-panel patio doors that connect the indoors and outdoors seamlessly. Modern patio doors in Vancouver are easy to operate, match almost any house interior and are energy efficient to keep your bills low.

Traditional French Doors with Grills

4 - Traditional French Doors with Grills

If you are not a big fan of sliding patio doors, then the traditional French series will fit you best. These models operate like regular doors and allow a wide, well-ventilated entrance to your patio. The shown design features a white French door with grills and elegant black hardware to complement this brick exterior — a simple yet fantastic solution.

Casement-Fixed & Hung Windows

5 - Casement-Fixed & Hung Windows

Renovating your bedroom or 2-nd story areas within your house might require some extra though-after solutions. In this case, a combination of hung and casement windows works just fine. It is one of the best alternatives if you are after a fantastic mix of energy efficiency, ventilation and much natural light.

Bright Exterior Doors

6 - Bright Exterior Doors

Replacing your front door is also vital for adequate thermal performance and a gorgeous look. One of the most recent trends now is installing new doors featuring bright shades and unusual configurations. This idea features a fantastic scarlet hue accentuating the front door, while the two sidelights configuration allows for much natural light.

Classic Double Doors with Decorative Glass

7 - Classic Double Doors with Decorative Glass

If any modern, bright door designs do not match your house design, then a time-tested white will work best. Double exterior doors configurations look stunning if your rough opening allows for huge door replacement alternatives, and half-decorative glass with 2-panels below make the overall look just perfect.

Single Doors with Modern Touch

8 - Single Doors with Modern Touch

And the last but not the least idea for your door replacement project is a basic single door painted in Beige. However, two glass elements by its sides and an oval decorative glass in the center make this door look modern, providing much natural light inside the house. Homeowners should definitely consider installing this model, especially when the rough opening does not allow for massive double doors.

Wrapping Up

Renovating your house brings limitless opportunities to increase its market value, comfort, energy efficiency and security. And window or door replacement is one of the most popular and profitable projects to implement. However, make sure you deal with reliable window experts in BC to buy and install the best products for your house.