The Best Photography Grants and Scholarships in 2023

Photography scholarships and grants can help you save up to 100% on tuition fees. Let’s talk about the top universities with scholarships and grants for photography education for students, as well as financial assistance, which is provided regardless of the place of study.

Edinburgh College of Art

Andrew Grant Postgraduate Scholarship

The scholarship reduces college tuition fees by $12,700. The scholarship is open to students who have a degree equivalent to a British bachelor’s degree with honors, high academic performance in the last place of study, and developed leadership qualities.

The selection committee will consider the quality of the application, proof of academic readiness, the demonstration of civic engagement and participation in society, and the quality of a scholarship personal statement. If you have problems with the latter, you can get help from a scholarship essay writing service like essayshark.com. They will write a perfect scholarship personal statement for you quickly and at an affordable cost. 

Edinburgh Global Online Learning Masters Scholarship

This unique scholarship covers 100% of the tuition fees for any online college graduate program. Scholarships are awarded based on student’s academic performance and creativity, as well as motivational essays submitted upon admission. Preference is given to students who have not previously studied in the magistracy.

International Photography Grant

The grant awards $1,000 to the applicant who submits the most inspiring photographic idea. This photo contest is open to no fees to support photographers from all over the world. They are looking for the best beginner photographers with all kinds of work. The photo contest has no restrictions on genre, age, subject, and location. 

Glasgow School of Art

John Hamilton Scholarship

The scholarship of $3,600 per year is for local and international students enrolled in graduate programs in graphics, design, illustration, photography, and visual communications.

Alexia Foundation Professional & Student Grant

The foundation provides production grants to professional photographers and students. It gives them the financial opportunity to create meaningful stories that drive change in the quest to make the world better. Students also receive scholarships. The professional grantee will receive US$20,000 towards the implementation of the proposed project. 

Royal College of Art

Rose Finn-Kelcey Bursary

$6,000 Scholarship for graduate students studying contemporary art, painting, photography, and sculpture.

Tony Snowdon Scholarship

Students in graduate programs in photography can receive a tuition scholarship of up to $18,100 and an in-kind grant of $18,100. To receive a scholarship, a student must have a high academic record and need financial assistance. Preference is given to students with a diagnosed physical or sensory disability.

Goldsmiths, University of London

Arts and Humanities Research Council Funding

International students pursuing MPhil and PhD degrees in arts and humanities at the university can receive financial assistance from the CHASE Foundation. The scholarship includes full tuition fees and a grant of $23,700.

Loughborough University

LU Arts Students Art Grants

The university supports students who study the arts and create art while studying and offers them scholarships of $1,200.

Music and Arts Scholarship

This is another scholarship for creative and talented students who are engaged in creativity and receive creative specialties in the amount of $725.

Inge Morath Award

The award is given to a female photographer under the age of thirty for helping complete a documentary project. Magnum Photos member photographers and a Morath Foundation representative at Magnum’s annual meeting select the winner and finalists.

Courtauld Institute of Art

Courtauld Postgraduate Scholarship

The Institute individually considers the candidacy of each student enrolled in the master’s program for the award of master’s scholarships. The amount of each scholarship is determined individually, with an average scholarship amount of $7,200. 

University for the Creative Arts

Nick Jack Scholarship

Top students pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree from the university can receive a scholarship of $6,000 per year.

Norwich University of the Arts

Vice Chancellor’s Global Awards

Top-performing undergraduate and graduate international students can receive the university’s largest scholarship of $18,100 for a bachelor’s or $3,600 for a master’s.

Heathfield Accommodation Bursary

Every year, the university helps foreign students who experience difficulties in paying for housing. The university offers them free accommodation for one year in a student residence 15 minutes walk from the campus.

University of Southampton

Winchester School of Art Undergraduate Global Talent Scholarship

International students enrolled in undergraduate studies at the university’s Winchester School of Art in any field may receive a $6,000 per year tuition scholarship. To receive a scholarship, the student (or their parents) must pay for their studies on their own and also have AAA grades in A-Levels.

Southampton Arts and Humanities Deans Global Talent Scholarship

Undergraduate and graduate arts and humanities students are eligible to compete for a $12,000 Government Scholarship per year. You can receive a scholarship annually during the entire period of study. Scholarships are distributed depending on the severity, and grades are given according to A-Levels.

Art Center College of Design Scholarship

This is one of the best colleges for the arts. It offers programs in directing, graphic design, photography, product design, and other arts disciplines. Entry requirements include an application, a high school diploma, an IELTS or TOEFL language test, and a portfolio of 25 papers. The tuition fee is $48,000; there are scholarships and grants. The college awards over $22 million in scholarships annually.

Parsons Paris School of Art & Design Scholarship

Parsons Paris is one of the best design schools in Paris. The university ranks third in the QS World Rankings for art schools. The educational institution is famous for its high level of education in undergraduate programs in the field of arts and design in the American education system.

The term of study in the program “Photography” is four years. For admission, you need a motivational essay, an IELTS of at least 6.5, a portfolio, as well as a mandatory interview. Tuition is $25,950 per semester. 

The school provides a program of financial aid, including significant merit- and need-based institutional scholarship support.

Studying photography helps not only to gain fundamental knowledge and a diploma, which is quoted by employers around the world. But it also provides an opportunity to build an international career in large companies. The scholarships presented here will help you to obtain photography education for free or with huge discounts.