The Ghosts of Casino History: Exploring Abandoned Gambling Sites through ‘Freaktography’

Abandoned casinos can be intriguing places with rich histories and legends, making them ideal settings for ghostly tales and photoshoots. Here are a few stories of the ghosts of casino history from around the world. However, before we start, note that if you want to choose a casino, you better choose a national casino online than one of these locations. At least all reliable online casinos have a guide to help you play to your advantage. 

The Haunting of the Deserted Oasis – The Sands Casino (Las Vegas, Nevada)

The Sands Casino, a once-thriving venue that hosted legendary performances and glamorous gatherings, closed its doors in 1996. Despite its abandonment, it’s rumored to be one of the most haunted places in Las Vegas. The ghost of Frank Sinatra, the iconic singer who performed there numerous times, is believed to be a resident spirit. 

Late at night, visitors and employees have claimed to hear his unmistakable voice echoing through the empty halls. Some even report seeing the phantom figure of Sinatra himself, dressed in a classic tuxedo, taking the stage as if to entertain an invisible audience. It’s as if Ol’ Blue Eyes can’t resist one last encore performance for eternity.

The Phantom Gambler of the Abandoned Monte Carlo (Limassol, Cyprus)

The Monte Carlo Casino in Limassol, Cyprus, was once a beacon of luxury and entertainment, but it fell into disrepair and abandonment due to financial difficulties. Locals and curious explorers who find their way into the decaying building claim to have encountered a phantom gambler. This spectral figure is trapped in a perpetual blackjack game, his chips never running out. Desperately trying to win back what he lost in life, the ghostly gambler remains hunched over a card table, hoping for that elusive winning hand.

The Ghostly Showgirls of the Desert (El Rancho Vegas, Las Vegas)

The El Rancho Vegas was a pioneer of the Las Vegas Strip, renowned for its lively entertainment featuring glamorous showgirls. Tragically, it was reduced to ashes in a fire in 1960. Yet, stories of its haunted past persist. Witnesses claim to see shimmering figures dressed in elaborate costumes, resembling the iconic showgirls of yesteryear. These ethereal performers dance in the moonlight, recreating the spectacles that once graced the stage. Although the hotel is long gone, their spectral chorus line lives on, captivating those who visit the abandoned site.

The Mysterious Lady in Red – The Haunting of the Flamingo (Reno, Nevada)

The Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Reno enjoyed a glittering past but met a tragic end due to financial struggles. The paranormal legends revolve around a “Lady in Red,” a woman who is believed to have taken her life in one of the hotel rooms. Visitors to the now-abandoned Flamingo have reported seeing her ghostly figure in a flowing red dress, often wandering the hallways and sometimes appearing in the reflection of mirrors. Her haunting laughter is said to echo through the deserted corridors, leaving an eerie presence in her wake.

The Cursed Dice Roll – The Haunting of the Casino de Monte-Carlo (Monaco)

The Casino de Monte-Carlo has a long and illustrious history, known for its luxury and extravagance. One of the most enduring legends is that of a cursed dice roll. It is said that a desperate gambler lost everything in a high-stakes game and was driven to his demise. His spirit is believed to linger in the private gaming rooms, forever rolling the dice, his wagers influencing the fate of gamblers in the casino to this day. 

Players claim to feel an uncanny presence and sometimes witness the dice falling in peculiar patterns that defy natural odds, leading many to believe that the ghostly gambler still seeks redemption in the world of chance.

The Spectral Songstress of Sin City – The Haunting of the Silver Slipper (Las Vegas, Nevada)

The Silver Slipper was a classic Las Vegas casino famous for its giant rotating silver slipper sign. It closed in 1988, but its ghostly history lives on. Visitors have reported hearing the hauntingly beautiful voice of a female singer echoing through the vacant halls. Legend has it that this is the ghost of a lounge singer who met a tragic end and is now eternally performing her melodies for an empty room.

The Phantom High Roller – The Haunting of the Casino Lisboa (Macau, China)

Casino Lisboa in Macau is one of the oldest and most iconic casinos in the region. The ghostly tale involves a wealthy gambler who frequented the casino and was known for his extravagant bets. It’s said that he met his end during an intense baccarat game. His spirit now lingers in the VIP rooms, still betting and playing, with his phantom chips piled higher and higher. Some believe the ghostly high roller brings luck to those who encounter him.

The Cursed Poker Game – The Haunting of the Casino de Spa (Spa, Belgium)

The Casino de Spa, one of Europe’s oldest casinos, is known for its historic charm. Legend has it that a high-stakes poker game went terribly wrong one fateful night, leading to a deadly dispute among the players. The spirits of these ill-fated gamblers are said to remain at the casino, still playing an eternal hand of poker. Eerie laughter and heated arguments are occasionally heard in the card rooms, and some claim to witness spectral card games unfolding before their eyes as if the players are locked in a perpetual game with no winner or resolution.