Things to do in Nevada besides visiting Vegas

Most people immediately associate the State of Nevada with the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas. While the unmissable shows and glorious nightlife is worth sampling if you’re partial to the odd blowout, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, particularly if you prefer to explore a more rural landscape and take photos in a quest to avoid the bright lights and endless sirens that accompany city life. 

For people who enjoy the great outdoors, Nevada has plenty to offer. From hiking and biking to having the opportunity to learn about the fascinating history and indulge in some unforgettable adventures, there is something for everyone in Nevada. Of course, the appeal of experiencing Vegas’ famous entertainment offerings will always be there, but with endless gaming opportunities being available in the modern world, you aren’t missing out. For example, you can experience authentic casino games online with Live Casino Dealers without having to journey to Vegas. Additionally, alongside your Nevada-based outdoor escapes, you can relax in the evenings with some online viewing of popular Vegas shows like Cirque du Soleil, before sampling some truly delicious Vegas-like cuisine in a local restaurant. Las Vegas certainly isn’t the be-all and end-all. 

With that in mind, let’s assess some things to do in Nevada besides visiting the 25th-most populous city in the United States. 

The Blue Line Trail

One of the most popular Nevada spots is Carson City, a picturesque location with plenty to offer for holidaymakers. The best way to explore this particular city, though, is by bike on the Blue Line Trail. Along the journey, you’ll see the local museum, the Governor’s Mansion, and a selection of stunningly beautiful 19th-century Victorian houses. 

The National Automobile Museum

For any petrolheads among us, The National Automobile Museum is a must. Located in Reno, there are around 200 classic cars that help make up the Harrah Collection. 

The Valley of Fire State Park

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For people wanting to explore an unusual environment, The Valley of Fire State Park most definitely fits the bill. Famous around the world due to its red Aztec sandstone outcroppings and grey limestone, the history throughout this uniquely beautiful landscape makes it a perfect place for some exploration or even a lovely spot to camp and enjoy the many hiking trails that are recommended in the area.

The Washoe County Golf Course

If smashing balls down the fairway appeals to you, then the Washoe County Golf Course is a golf  course well worth taking on. With its pristine greens and lush views, this welcoming club is a great option for a spot of golf.

The Washoe County Golf Course
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The Grand Canyon
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The Grand Canyon

Whether you’d prefer to see it up high in the sky or you want to witness it from the ground, visiting
the world-famous Grand Canyon is an unforgettable encounter. In order to experience it in the best
way possible, a helicopter viewing is recommended, although it’s an amazing sight however you
choose to see it.

Other things to do include a hot air balloon ride, Nevada State Museum, Spencer Hot Springs, and
Black Rock Desert.