Roadside Memorial

Unidentified Roadside Memorial Rockwood Ontario:

This is an Unidentified Roadside Memorial in Rockwood, Ontario

Roadside Memorial
Rockwood Roadside Memorial

On August 28th, 2005 a passing biker made a stop to relieve himself in the woods at a rest stop along Highway 7 in Rockwood, Ontario.  As he stepped into the woods he stumbled upon the body of a woman, she had been dragged 10 meters into the bush and covered with a sleeping bag and left there.  She had been there 2-6 weeks before being found.   Police have her DNA, they have her clothing, the make of the sleeping bag and they have a dental plate that covered two missing teeth – but with all this they still do not have an identity.  Using her remains and what information police had at the time, the had a clay bust made up in hopes that it would help identify her.

A roadside memorial had been set up and paid for by the local Knights of Columbus, it was placed near the site of where she was found.  Now, 10 years after the date that she was found, there is still no name for the woman whom this roadside memorial is dedicated to.

All of the information on this case can be found here, should anyone recognize her or have information that can help the Ontario Provincial Police with the case.