Urban Exploring an Abandoned Monastery

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This abandoned convent was built in 1951 and was acquired by the city in 2012.

Several different projects have been proposed for the site since then with nothing ever coming to fruition.

There has been talk of housing, student housing, daycare and more, it has been determined that due to the amount of asbestos within the construction, the building will have to be demolished.

The top floor and the basement still have power connected and lights on, I was told that recently the building even had an alarm, but we had no issues with that on our visit.

I was also told that not long ago there was no damage, vandalism or graffiti, there was quite a bit of that on our visit.

The sign-in board shows many names of explorers here before us and as we were leaving another explorer showed up with his young children, on their way inside

🏚️ Exploring an Abandoned 1951 Monastery | Freaktography Urban Exploration

Join me on an unforgettable journey into the depths of an abandoned monastery, frozen in time since 1951. In this gripping urban exploration adventure, we delve into the heart of decay, revealing a hauntingly beautiful yet desolate world.

🕰️ Time Capsule from 1951

This once-sacred space, constructed in 1951, has weathered the passage of time but not without bearing the scars of neglect. The echoes of its former glory linger in every crumbling wall and shattered window, inviting us to unravel the mysteries of its storied past.

👥 A Gathering Place of Decay

Despite the ravages of vandalism and the insidious advance of mold and asbestos, this monastery still clings to life. Remarkably, the power still hums through its veins, casting a surreal glow on the shadows that dance across its desolate halls.

🎹 Discovering Hidden Treasures

Venturing into the basement, we stumble upon a forgotten stage and a moldy old piano, relics of a bygone era. The air is thick with nostalgia as we navigate through the decay, unearthing the secrets that lie within each decaying room.

🔦 Guided by the Thrunite TS V2

For this exploration, I relied on my trusty Thrunite TS V2 Every Day Carry Flashlight, illuminating the darkness and revealing the eerie beauty concealed within. Its powerful beam guided me through unique staircases and countless corridors, ensuring no detail went unnoticed.

Get this small but mighty flashlight for yourself here:

🌐 A Gathering Place for Urban Explorers

This monastery has played host to countless urban explorers over the years, each leaving behind a piece of their own story within its dilapidated walls. I am honored to have joined the ranks of those who have ventured into the unknown, capturing the essence of this forgotten sanctuary.

📸 Witness the Beauty in Decay

Join me on this visual journey as we capture the haunting allure of an abandoned monastery frozen in time. From the unique staircases to the mold-covered relics, every frame tells a story of a forgotten past waiting to be rediscovered.

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