Exploring Abandoned Star Wars Collectible Toy Mansion

Exploring the Abandoned Star Wars Collectible Toy Mansion

Exploring the Abandoned Star Wars Collectible Toy Mansion

Urban Exploring the Incredible Abandoned Star Wars Collectible Toy Mansion

This location has been named the Abandoned Star Wars Collectible Toy Mansion and may very well go down as the most impressive, the most valuable and the craziest abandoned mansion I have ever explored!

This is an abandoned mansion and from the outside you would have no idea of what is going on inside, clothes strewn all over the place,

The smell of cat urine, decay and water damage and spider webs everywhere just waiting for a face to walk through them.

As you navigate and explore the house every room gets stranger, every corner turned reveals more things and every closet, every drawer, even the elevator is full of pop culture history, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990s and more.

Most of all however, it’s the Star Wars Collection, the stuff is everywhere from the extremely rare to the newer toys, but in multiples.  Research has shown me the value of many of these items and all I can say is I hope whomever is responsible for this home gets in here fast.  I have done my best to keep the locations whereabouts a secret, but just like there are explorers like me looking for abandoned places to photograph – there are others with different intentions!

On a hot summers night in 2019 Freaktography received a message from Carlo Paolozza….

“OMG I just found the best mansion ever, can you get here now?”

I could not get there now..

But we made plans for the next night and we got there then!

My friend Carlo had discovered an abandoned mansion, and inside this abandoned Mansion was thousands upon thousands upon THOUSANDS of dollars worth of rare Star Wars toys and memorabilia.

Not just from the 1990’s and 2000’s but these were Star Wars Toys left behind from the 1970’s and 1980’s.

This house had original and mint condition action figures from the 70’s, a Life sized Darth Vader wearable helmet, multiples of seemingly every single Star Wars toy ever released, including what seemed to be ever single Kenner Star Wars Action Figure from the 1970’s

And it had a life sized Yoda

This was one of the most amazing abandoned houses and definitely the one house with the most valuable items inside and left behind!

Come on in, and let’s take a walk on the Dark Side in the Abandoned Star Wars Collectors Mansion

Abandoned Star Wars Toy Collectors Mansion, Videos 1 and 2


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