Vacant 1970s Style Mansion

vacant 5 million dollar mansion

ABANDONED $2,000,000 Retro 1970s Mansion | Two Million Dollar Abandoned Mansion

Today we’re exploring a large custom built 1970s style mansion from around 1976. it features a very unique staircase as the main focal point of the interior.

For some reason, other explorers have jacked up the value of this house but in reality it was last sold in 2015 for $2,000,000 and according to real estate sites that value hasn’t changed.

The mansion has 4 bedrooms and at least 5 bathrooms. there are large brick fireplaces, a bar, a sauna, and a very large kitchen.

There are plans to demolish this home and build a larger and more modern home on the large property.


I don’t really enjoy exploring and posting locations such as this one that seem more like MLS/Real Estate work, however when checking on vacant and abandoned locations you never know what you’re going to find until you’re inside.  There is definitely a group of people who enjoy seeing this kind of work and I’ll never walk out of a location like this one without some footage, but this would never be my first choice of a place to explore.

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