Abandoned Zombie Apocalypse Gas Station

About This Abandoned Gas Station

In today’s adventure, we’re exploring an abandoned gas station, convenience store and restaurant in Northern Ontario, Canada.

Having operated for several years along a once busy highway, the owners were forced to shut down after the highway was rerouted, ultimately turning this stretch of what was once a busy highway into a ghost town.

Today, three years after it closed, this former gas station resembles a scene from the zombie apocalypse, with old food, drinks and groceries still left on the shelves.

Wandering the aisles of this abandoned gas station, I’m left wondering what were the circumstances surrounding his abandonment. We know it was ultimately a result of a highway rerouting, but why was nothing donated? There are hundreds of beverages still sitting on shelves and in refrigerators, cases of water, pop, gatorade and more.

Grocery items on the shelves from beans to pasta sauce, cheese whiz, Tang powder and more. Dozens upon dozens of bags of chips, candy, gum, in the fridge there are cases of unsold worms for fishing, now likely long dried up and dead.

I can’t help but feel like I am in a scene from the walking dead, looking to restock on much needed supplies to bring back to the camp to feed the others who have survived so far.

I have learned that a handful of movies and TV shows have been filmed here, one was called Girl, The Captive, a TV series called Cardinal and more. But the food is not props, this was all left behind by the owner in 2019, who I’m also told does not even live in Canada.

Through my Facebook page I have been given three different reasons why this location closed

1 – Highway Expansion

2 – Owner got sick and closed down

3 -It closed down because of the gas tanks under the ground. 

They were corroded and would have cost too much to dig up and replace. 

So the owner just shut it down and we haven’t seen him since. He lives down south.


Join me as I explore this old abandoned gas station and convenience store

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