$4,000,000 Abandoned Mansion

Unbelievable: $4,000,000 Mansion Demolished After 17 Years
This vacant mansion in Ontario Canada is worth almost four million dollars and was built in 1991. 
In 2007 it was listed for almost one point nine million dollars and sold for one point eight million. It was last sold in 2022 for almost four million dollars but has sat vacant ever since.

The large home has 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a 3 car garage, outdoor pool and a wet bar in the basement.
As with most homes like this one that sit vacant, it will likely be demolished.

1 thought on “$4,000,000 Abandoned Mansion”

  1. What a beautiful home hopefully it won’t be demolished it’s really sad to see ! Nevertheless those are amazing photos ! 😀

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