4 Tips for Taking Amazing Photos in Mauritius

After saving up for months or even years, a vacation to Mauritius is a dream for most people. To capture the memories forever, you want to make sure that you get the best photos. This way you can show them to all of your friends and family and look back at them whenever you are missing your vacation. If you know you want a lot of good photos but you’re not as well-versed in photography as some people, check out these four tips to get you taking photos that look amazing.

Utilize Golden Hour

There is something about a golden hour on an island that really brings out the magic of the earth. If you are in Mauritius for several days, make sure to get your camera out every evening as the sun is about to set. The lighting from the setting sun is perfect for self-portraits, group photos, and capturing landscapes. Snap photos of the sun hitting the rocks on the shore and of the palm trees rising from the sandy beaches. 

If you are traveling with loved ones, this is the time to make them get up from dinner and stand on the beach for a group photo that will be fawned over for years to come. When you feel the setting sun hit your face, don’t be afraid to ask whoever is sitting across from you to snap a quick picture of you looking out at the horizon. 

Find the Best Locations

It’s hard to find a bad location in Mauritius, but do some research before your trip about the most photographable sites on the island. Where you stay is also going to affect your photo opportunities, so make sure to find one of the best All Inclusive Hotels in Mauritius where you will be surrounded by natural beauty. Staying in a place like that also means that there will always be staff around, happy to take your picture if you ask. 

Get a Waterproof Camera or Smartphone

In a nation surrounded by water, it is essential to get a device with a waterproof camera or at least a waterproof case so that you can take fun underwater photos. This may be the only chance in your life to capture photos of certain kinds of sea life, so take as many photos as you can of the local fauna. As a tropical nation, there is always the possibility of rain as well, so having waterproof supplies is always important.

Take Photos of the Culture

As you walk around the streets of Mauritius, make sure to capture the local life that you see. From animals native to Mauritius to local grandmas sitting out on their front lawns or in front of their businesses. These are the scenes you won’t want to forget once you go back to the real world.

Vacations are meant for taking photos and as long as you are also taking the time to soak it up without technology, make sure to capture your favorite moments from your Mauritius holiday so that you never forget how much fun you had.