ABANDONED Addams Family House

abandoned addams family farm house

Exploring the Abandoned Addams Family House

This is officially my new Favourite Abandoned House!

This house goes to show that no matter how much you explore, how long you have been exploring and how frequently you explore, that there is ALWAYS more out there to be discovered.

While the home is totally empty inside, the exterior makes up for it!

This now abandoned Estate and farm dates back to the late 19th century, the son of the original owner describes it as once being a vibrant and productive farm.

The original owner of the vacant land that would eventually become this farm was a man named Philip’s. There were approximately 112 acres which he bought in different acreages from 1860 to 1885.

Later he built the house and original barn, both in one year.

The lumber for the two buildings was obtained from the Coffee Oak Bush on the adjoining 200 acres. A sawmill was set up and some 60 acres of oak lumber was taken out.

On November 29th 1890 the widow Phillip’s sold the farm to a man named JC.

JC and his siblings came from Dungannon Tyrone County Ireland in 1850. JC went back to Ireland and Married Isabella and came back to Canada.

They raised a family of 3 boys and 4 girls. JC was born on May 13th 1839 and died on February 17th 1917. Isabella was born on June 1st 1844 and died March 8th 1927.

On March 1, 1907 the son of JC, a man named RJ rented the farm from his father and on February 16th 1912 purchased it and lived there until they both passed away.

In spring of 1922 after the crops were in RJ remarked to his wife “I have never enjoyed spring seeding as much as this year”

RJ came in from evening milking in middle of May 1922 and said to his wife

“Old girl I am very tired could you wash up the milk pails etc.”

He went to his bed. As the days went by he became weaker and on the long weekend in May a specialist came by train with a nurse to examine RJ. He told RJ’s wife he would either be better or dead within 2 weeks.

He left the nurse to stay with RJ’s wife who was pregnant with a son. On May 30th 1922 RJ passed away in the Master Bedroom that was on the Ground floor north east corner of the house.

This left RJ’s wife with 2 girls and 2 boys to mourn. On May 22 1922 RJ Jr was born. The widow Isabella came to live with the newly widowed wife of RJ to help her.

RJ’s widow passed away very suddenly on November 2nd 1929 leaving a 7 year old to be looked after by his siblings.

The farm was sold March 4th 1930 to a man named C.

After a devastating fire levelling the L shaped barn the property came back to the estate of RJ Jr his wife M in March 1933.

A new barn was built and later sold to RJ Jr’s cousin Ted on May 4th 1934.

On March 8th 1949 the property left the family for good as the R family purchased the farm.

When the house was built it actually had 2 towers, the one still standing and a shorter one in the west side of the house. It started to lean badly, so the R family had the shorter tower torn down

Unfortunately the grand old home has been left abandoned and open to the elements.

This old home was never given heritage status and home and surrounding land has been purchased by a property developer who intends to demolish the home and build new homes and new communities in its place

Its remote location has spared the home from vandalism and graffiti however, most of the original light fixtures, door knobs and hardware have been removed.

A few weeks back I met up with a gentleman local to this house and he agreed to meet me there and give me some history and background on the house. He knows a man whose family lived here and operated a farm out of here for many years.

Arriving about 30 mins before sunset, I set up my camera facing the house and I put my GoPro up in the tower and I captured the sun setting in front of the house as well as the sun setting over the house. I then left my camera running to capture golden hour, blue hour and twilight.

You can see all of that footage in this video

Also in the video is some of the photography I did here.

I started by attaching my Lume Cube Panel Mini LED light to my Mavic Mini drone and I captured some photos of the home with the drone as my only source of light.

Next, I moved the drone behind the house and I illuminated the back of the house to create a silhouette effect on the house.

After this, I went inside and I placed all of the Lume Cube lights at certain points in the house

– Panel Mini in the main living room to light up the room and window
– 2x Lume Cube Air at the 2nd floor window
– The 1st level of the tower I placed a Green filtered strobe light in one window and a red filtered strobe on the other window
– On the top floor of the tower I placed 2x Lume Cube 2.0’s on the staircase railing

Now, the entire interior of the house was lit and I had nothing but a clear moonless starry sky to illuminate the exterior.

I am extremely happy with the results of this photography experiment with my Lume Cubes

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Panel Mini


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3 thoughts on “ABANDONED Addams Family House”

  1. I am the Great Grand son of the 1st Culbert to live in this home.
    When I travel back to Ontario I always head over to the old house.
    I like to try and imagine what it was like living in the house.
    In 1922 My Father was born in the north east corner room in the house.
    It was the master bedroom at the time.
    I still use the fine China that was used by my Grandmother when she passed away in 1929.
    You asked what the use of towers were.
    The towers were signs of prosperity.
    The more towers the more affluent your family was.
    Since Great Grandfather lived there there has been 6 generations of Culbert’s that have visited the house and are discussed with the Tecumseth Township letting this stately home fall to ruins.

    Jim Culbert
    Vernon Bridge

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