Abandoned and Forgotten Eatons Catalogue House in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Eatons Catalogue House

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Here is my second of two Abandoned Eatons Catalogue Houses that I found and explored while in Saskatchewan.

An Eatons Catalogue House is a mail order house that was popular in the 1910’s and 1920’s, the home would be delivered to your nearest train station where you were then responsible to transport the materials to your property and build it yourself!

6 thoughts on “Abandoned and Forgotten Eatons Catalogue House in Saskatchewan”

  1. I own a catalogue house in Disley, Saskatchewan. When I bought it I had hoped to restore it but life took a different direction. Would love to find someone who could do it.

  2. Debra Taylor

    The eatons home in the picture is the Earlsfield Model. The Western Development Museum in Saskatoon, has a reconstructed Earlsfield Catalogue House in its Winning The Prairie Gamble Exhibit. My husband was the lead carpenter and finisher in this project.

  3. There is an Eaton Catalogue house still being occupied in rural Saskatchewan near the small town of Mozart. Family name Lindal.

  4. Susan Macdonald

    Can you tell me the location of this home. If it is the one I think it is I can tell you its history

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