Abandoned Author and Artists Time Capsule House in the Woods

Exploring the Abandoned Time Capsule Home of an Author and Artist

This abandoned time capsule house was once lived in by a German author and artist and his wife, discovered and shared to me by my friend Mike Heinhold .  According to Mike, after a land dispute with the adjacent property owner, the house was abandoned in 2017 and all of the homes contents left behind.

In order to not give away the location of this rare abandoned building, I can’t get into the specifics of the land dispute.

I have been in many unique and perplexing abandoned homes over the years, however this one may just take the cake for being equally unique, interesting and mind boggling.  As you will see from the photos, this home is in extremely bad condition.  There are several holes in the roof and three years of Canadian seasons have brought havoc down on every room.  The ceilings have collapsed in almost every room, dropping plaster and insulation all over the house and its contents. If not for so much water damage and holes in the roof, this would be a pristinely preserved abandoned time capsule house.

What makes this home such a head scratcher is the fact that it still has power, in fact when Mike explored it and when I explored it, the lights were still on in many of the rooms.  As I approached the kitchen, I heard a strange humming sound, I thought it was the fridge but it turned out to be the hood fan above the stove – but there was no stove!

If that wasn’t enough to make you wonder, try this one on!  I entered the living room and there was a small flat screen TV in front of a chair, I noticed the blue light on the TV indicating that it’s plugged in.  So I pushed the power button and the TV turned on, and THEN the DVD player started up and on comes an episode of Barney Miller, on a TV in an abandoned house with two huge holes in the roof in that very same room!


As I explored the rooms I got a good feel for the people who once called his a home, they were well travelled, well read, well educated and had a passion for life.  Books all over the home on so many subjects, religion, travel, philosophy, classics such as Life of Pi, Little Women and so much more.  In the basement was an artists nook with artists paper, pencils, tools of the trade and more.

They were curious, in the living room a very large and valuable telescope sits, still pointed to the sky and in the dining room, a shelf full of books on astronomy.

They were nature and wild life enthusiasts, outside in the beautiful and private back yard there were several bird houses and bird feeding stations, a small pond with a waterfall, benches, gardens and more.

We can only make assumptions as to what happened here and why these people decided to leave all of their possessions and valuables behind, I can only wish that wherever they are, they are still loving life with the same passion that they had in this home.


Thanks again to Mike Heinhold for trusting me with this amazing find!

Here is where you can see Mikes work:





Location Disclaimer

If you are a surviving family and have discovered any posts with stress and dismay, please message me immediately. I visit locations with deep respect, and will be happy to remove all traces of these photos and videos at your request.

Location Photo Gallery – Room by Room

Location Photos – Details


Outside and the Yard

4 thoughts on “Abandoned Author and Artists Time Capsule House in the Woods”

  1. Curiously…. Do you think homes are abandoned in Ontario more than other places? I’m just surprised at how many full abandoned houses you can find. Where do people go?

  2. I don’t get it, a dispute over property with an adjacent land owner cause this dude and his family to just up an leave? With no exact whereabouts, that’s crazy! Looking at the house, it’s definitely got structural damage, roof needs to be totally replaced, the walls through out the house needs to be gutted, installation, electrical, plumbing, even that basement kitchen needs to be brought up to code. The basement kitchen according to code can not have a fully functioning stove, big no no! The hot water tanks in the basement kitchen need to be replaced with tankless. The sub basement needs to be gutted, structure of the basement needs to be basically rebuilt, new moisture barrier, spray foam needed for the ceiling of the basement, as well as for the new walls. That house interior wise, is salvageable, and done right, can easily be lived in for years to come. I feel bad for the family that just up an left there stuff, I’m sorry, I’d found a way to settle that land dispute, either settle with my neighbor peacefully or in Court. Screw leave my home, crazy! Awesome video!

  3. I can make up a whole story about these people! Actually, I think they were aliens. The reason for so many books, they were trying to learn as much as they could about the people who lived on this planet. LOL Well, you never can tell!

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