Abandoned Bank Vault Gary Indiana

abandoned bank vault lume cube photography

These photos were taken in an abandoned bank in Gary, Indiana where the massive vault is still there and left with most of the safe deposit boxes inside as well.

The vault door was massive and mega heavy, but it still moved although it took two of us to move it easy.

With the exception of a bit of light coming in from the open back door, this room was extremely dark.

As RiddimRyder and I contemplated our shots and lighting, I saw this is as a perfect opportunity to bust out my Lume Cube lights and put them to the test!

For the shots outside of the vault:

I placed my LED Panel Light on a chair to light up the safe as a whole.

On the opposite side of the Panel Light, I put a Lume Cube 2.0 and directed it towards the inside of the safe.

Inside the vault I used my two magnetic Lume Cube Airs and stuck one inside the vault and one inside the vault door

Inside the Vault

For the shots inside the vault I stuck with the magnetic Lume Cube Air lights to place them easily wherever I wanted them.

I added a few mobile behind the scenes shots to show the placement of the cubes inside the vault.

These little lights are great for photography, especially exploring photography as they are small and light and take up hardly any space inside the camera bag!

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