Abandoned Bird Watching Time Capsule Cabin

My Explore of the Abandoned Bird Watching Time Capsule Cabin

Located along a river in a small town in Ontario Canada that is known for its vast quantities of salmon and local red clay sits an odd little overgrown Abandoned Bird Watching Time Capsule Cabin  So overgrown that one could blink and miss it entirely.  The road where this cabin is located is peppered with large vast properties and homes, long driveways and well manicured properties.

Broken fences and the slightest view of a structure are what would tip off the eager and adventurous explorer and photographer in search of a fresh and little known gem to explore.

This little abandoned time capsule cabin was placed my radar sometime around 2013 or 2014 when someone known as Big Paul Small first posted photos of a curious little cabin that he had discovered.  I placed the pin on my personal exploring map but for whatever reason I never bothered to make the trip,

Come the late Fall and early Winter of 2018 and I set off to check on some locations I had mapped long ago but never bothered to look into any further.  Parking well up the road I started my hike up the road and towards this little cabin.  I am met my a shabby looking foot bridge that looks like the slightest wind would knock it down at any moment.

My first observation is all of the bird houses scattered all about the property, the sound of rushing water and a babbling brook is constant as the river that runs though this old town that dates back to 1855 with a purchase of 40 acres for $800.  The early pioneers of the town noted that the River was so thick with salmon during spawning time, that you could walk across the river on the backs of them.  Due to pollution, deforestation, dams and overfishing, Atlantic Salmon became extinct in Lake Ontario around the 1890’s.  Salmon was reintroduced to the river in 1988, and is now a local seasonal attraction to the area.

The overgrowth and bit of damage from time and nature make it evidently clear to me that this property has been abandoned and while attempts to keep people like me out have been made, know one is living in or visiting this crumbling cabin.

Sadly, many of the bird houses have fallen to the ground, the feeding stations empty and bird houses on posts stand at a 45 degree angle waiting to fall.

Inside, a time capsule.  A small sofa on one end, extended as a bed, a small wood burning stove with chimney, an old vacuum cleaner and a kitchen that is straight out of 1972!

All around the interior are bird houses, decorative and functional, trinkets lay on shelves and on the walls, windows open to reveal the fresh air and sound of the running river right behind the cabin, bird feeders stationed right outside the windows so the elderly owners can sit and observe.  On the window, a pair of binoculars to get a closer look at the birds feeding from the feeding stations all over the yard.

This little cabin was well loved and well lived in, these days however the only tenants are the rodents, evidence of them is all over, droppings, little carcasses and uneaten green pellets.

The Abandoned Bird Watching Time Capsule Cabin was a pleasant surprise and I thoroughly enjoyed my time exploring an photographing this small little riverside cabin.


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