Abandoned Buffalo

Abandoned Buffalo Church

Abandoned Buffalo and Western New York

Buffalo, New York has undergone a rapid decline in the postwar era, losing more than half its population and much of its economic base.  Much like, but not to the extent of Detroit, Michigan.  The streets of Buffalo are now peppered with abandoned churches, factories, concrete silos, a massive abandoned train station and much more.  While downtown Buffalo is still alive and well with business, bars, sporting venues, banks hotels and small business, one can not avoid the many derelict buildings throughout the streets of Abandoned Buffalo.


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5 thoughts on “Abandoned Buffalo”

  1. My mom and family friends are from buffalo. It was interesting to see it from a different side. Thanks

  2. Alec Williams

    That is insane… I explored the Central Terminal a few weeks ago and took the exact same photo of staircase 22 while I was there. I didnt even know this website existed until just now so that is one hell of a coincidence… By the way, if you can see the email associated with this comment, hit me up, I’m itching to find more places here to explore.

  3. Isabel Leo :)

    I’m an artist and I’d love to visit some of these places to do some live sketches. Where can I find these churches?

  4. hi Dave these photos are fantastic you always take great photos and show every detail keep up with this great work. all the best from Australia ivy

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