ABANDONED Castle Mansion

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Do I ever have a mind-blowing adventure for you today. We’re diving headfirst into the world of urban exploration to bring you an Unbelievable Multi-Million Dollar Abandoned Castle Mansion!

This isn’t just any abandoned mansion, it’s a full-blown castle mansion that’s been left to the elements for years. We’re talking about exploring the past of a place that was once worth millions. But what’s left behind? You won’t believe your eyes!

In this epic urban exploring video, we’ll take you on a journey through the heart of Ontario, Canada, as we venture into the depths of this abandoned mega mansion. From grand ballrooms to hidden passages, we’re leaving no stone unturned.

This unbelievably abandoned multi-million dollar castle mansion is another crazy example of just how many amazing abandoned places there are out here, just under our noses, that haven’t been found yet!

Word is that this mansion has been largely vacant for several years, it was last purchased for almost $2,000,000 around 2007.

In 2005, it was sold for $3.1 Million dollars
In 2007 is was sold for $1.6 Million dollars

The estimated value of the home as of October 2023 is $4.2 million dollars

Many people have lived in the home over the years and its address is listed under several different businesses and many of the people who lived here were associates of those many businesses.

The uniquely designed mansion was built in the early 1970s and contains five bedrooms and bathrooms, a huge kitchen, an entertaining room with a wet bar and home theatre, a gym, an indoor pool, a ballroom and so much more including three balcony walkouts and a library.

The strange thing about this mansion was the notice on the front door, dated for July 2023. It was an eviction notice to the tenants for failure to pay 6 figures owing in missed lease payments. The last calendar on the wall was dated 2021.

Inside, it would seem that the tenants had to leave in a big hurry, leaving many many items of value left behind including furniture, designer clothes, photo albums, kids toys and more.

There were two safes in the house that were unopened and none of us were able to find or guess at the code.

Some days later it was said that there was a large police presence at the home, photos taken shortly after show these safes were now outside on the driveway, blown open and empty guncases could be seen inside.

The police presence also aligns with reports that a handful of explorers had been served with trespassing fines.

More recent photos show that the interior has been largely emptied and cleaned out, also not too long ago a female explorer and her fiance were met at gunpoint by the apparent owners of the property. She ran into them as they were exiting the front door and had handguns pointed at them and were questioned by the owners, they were able to leave without incident. This explorer told me one of the men resembled one of the men in the photos left behind inside the home.

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  1. David this castle mansion reminds me of your earlier explore of the balloon pool mansion and the ski mansion with fake Reindeer outside all owned by criminals and or had criminal activity of counterfeit goods anyway great photos. But its so overwhelming and i dont understand the owners sudden care factor that handguns needed to be drawn its a pigs breakfast, its like this fake castle with no moat, no draw bridge and alligators, was more of place of sexual business activity with counterfeit Louis vitton and prada stored everywhere.

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