Abandoned Church of Amazing Light Urban Exploration Photography

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An Urban Exploration Photography gallery from an abandoned church in Quebec. The natural light in this abandoned church was some of the best I have ever experienced

Built in 1956, this Catholic church served its community for many decades, the last date I can find it was used was some time in 2014, however I’m unable to determine why the church has been left closed and now abandoned in this condition.

Walking around the outside of this church, one would have no idea what to expect upon walking inside, as we made our entry we were immediately overcome by the sweet smell of decay and abandonment, accompanied by the thick uncomfortable feeling of breathing in hot stale humid air.

Getting right to work, RiddimRyder and I started shooting right away, the whole day was spent failing at location after location.  After only a couple hours of sleep in my car, and getting up early to explore another abandoned church, the rest of our day was a huge failure.  We were very happy to see that we had finally come to something amazing that we could both enjoy.

The pews are still perfectly lined up, there is heavy decay on the walls and ceiling and water damage in some places.  Water is also pooling in some areas in the floor of the church.  The altar area is the biggest surprise of this abandoned church, with its small multi coloured skylights, the allow an incredible amount of natural light in to light up the altar perfectly.

We both stayed in for quite some time, capturing this amazing abandoned church from every possible angle.


5 thoughts on “Abandoned Church of Amazing Light Urban Exploration Photography”

  1. Ghostly_Montrealer


    I’m from montreal and I can tell you that churches are closed around here because they need an incredible amount money to keep running and we have the biggest amount of atheist in america right now …

    They mostly are bought back by entrepreneurs who will convert them to condos …

  2. Beautiful! Any chance you can tell us where to find it in MTL? Would love to explore it

  3. The natural light is awesome, it’s very relaxing. It’s too bad that this beautiful Church is abandoned. Here in Timmins, some Churches have closed, one is now a dance studio and the other is now a gym.

  4. cross marlowe

    hello, may I know the location of this church? I am looking for an abandoned place for a portait photoshoot. can you recommend a place? thanks so much

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