Abandoned Distillery Urban Exploration

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In February of 2018 exploring partners  RiddimRyder, Carlo Paolozza and I made another road trip to Quebec recently to hopefully redeem ourselves from our last trip there which resulted in an 80% fail rate, only seeing two locations from a list of at least 10 spots, one being a large abandoned cathedral and the other a smaller abandoned church.

Half way there on the highway we pulled into a rest stop only to find that I had a flat tire, this was NOT a good start.

Our first location on the agenda was this distillery, we had good intel from Decontstrukt, Urban Downfall and Ludovic that this would be a good spot to hunker down and crash for the night once we arrived. Problem was when we got there not only was is -20 outside, there was a recent heavy snowfall that was causing a problem for accessing the property.

We finally realized we were at the wrong part of the perimeter, we made our way into the fence line and just about ate shit about 10 times on the pavement that now resembles an ice rink.

Once inside however all was good, the familiar hum of power and some nice warm air on our chilled faces was all we needed. We quickly navigated through to find our sleeping quarters for the night, a small temperature controlled room with a loud as fuck heater that kicked on and off every 15 mins or so.

We dropped our gear and spent 3 hours or so exploring, shooting photos and video in the areas where we could use our lights. Getting a good feel for the place so we could get right to work in the morning.

3:30am we all hit the sack on the dusty concrete floor, thank god for ear plugs, but sadly there was nowhere in the heated area to hang my hammock.

At 8:30am after a broken sleep we all woke up and started our day, shooting the large pillars in the storage areas, the pool table room, the tunnels and more.

Then we made our way out to the other buildings to discover the wooden bar, the control room and so much more industrial awesomeness. We did miss one entire building as clocks were ticking and we still had a hospital to explore in the afternoon and a drain to explore at night.


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