Abandoned Elementary School

abandoned ontario elementary school

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An old vacant elementary school was built in 1964 and was closed at the end of the 2018 school year along with 6 other schools in the area.

Built in 1964, a gym was added in the 1970s and saw between 100 and 150 students enrolled.

After a fire devastated a nearby school in the 1980’s, this school opened its doors to primary school aged students in addition to its junior and intermediate students.  For this expansion they added two new classrooms as well as some portables.

The 1990s saw a large influx of students, boosting enrolment to up to 250 students, this required an additional extension of 4 classrooms.

The 2000s brought a decline in enrolment, down to 140 from 240 as well as a tragic incident in which a teacher passed away while in her classroom.  She was commemorated with a tree and a bench in the yard.

The schools enrolment continued to decline, bottoming out a 70 students.

The facility is in good shape with power maintained in hopes that it can be leased or sold for a new use.

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  1. When you say we found, you mean you were part of a gaggle of trespassers who already knew where it was. You don’t find anything original. Did you put the door back on our church that you unscrewed?

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