Abandoned Foundry

This abandoned foundry is a location I’ve been wondering about for a while and decided to check out to see if it’s worth exploring and photographing. I remember reading about a fire at this abandoned foundry once but the damage was minimal rom what I recal.

Having only known of a small fire here I had no idea what I would find – expecting to come across some industrial, machinery and vast empty spaces. I wasn’t wrong about those three points but I would have never imagined what I ended up finding.

Part One: Entry

I was somewhat disappointed at first, a large dark and empty room upon entering followed by a fairly empty abandoned foundry.









Part 2: The Offices.

I moved in further through the abandoned foundry to find the empty office spaces, lots of light and windows and a colouful cafeteria – but all of the stuff inside had been auctioned off.








Part 3: The Stuff!!!!

I exited the offices back into the abandoned foundry and realized that when I first walked in, had I looked to the left some more I wouldn’t have been so disappointed . I was in the middle of liquidation world and surrounded by every type of product you could imagine! Mattresses, lamps, chandeliers, soap, watches, sunglasses, cleaning products, books, toys….







_DSC0064 _DSC0068




Part 4: Industrial!

Now much more satisfied, I explore around the abandoned foundry some more in search of machines or other points of interest, I ended up very happy with what I found.









Abandoned Foundry



I would learn that the fire at this abandoned foundry was caused by a squatter but the damage was minimal. I’m guessing the fire department deemed it too unsafe to go inside to retrieve the mostly undamaged merchandise – or perhaps it was written off through insurance.



3 thoughts on “Abandoned Foundry”

  1. I don’t know how you do it, but another great find! I remember coming across something quite similar, except the building was filled with Christmas decorations. The irony was, I was hired to photograph the same company’s product that had stocked that room and left it there a year prior! When I felt comfortable enough to tell the owner about my earlier visit, he allowed me a “proper” tour and explained its history. That was the epitome of coincidence and luck and this place reminded me of that. Sorry I digressed! As always, great work. ~ Dee

  2. Looks like someone rented the space out in the 1990s, maybe 1980s to hold extra merchandise waiting to be sold.

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