Abandoned Gary Indiana Post Office

abandoned post office lobby gary indiana

Exploring the Abandoned Post Office in Gary Indiana

Gary Indiana is an undeniable hot spot of abandoned buildings from an era long gone. The city is literally filled with decaying places to explore with everything from a stadium, hospital, this post office, several homes, an apartment block, stores and a church.

In the early 1900’s, Gary was a rising star in the hot seat of industry. This was due to the rising industrial power given by manufacturing steel. The city was founded in 1906 by the United States Steel Corporation. Giving way to large growth of infrastructure and jobs, Gary rose to a peak population of almost 200,000 come 1960. The town is typical of many Rust Belt cities that experience decline with neglected and abandoned buildings all through out.

This abandoned post office building in Gary Indiana opened in 1963 and abandoned in the 1970s. It is now a haven for urbex photographers.

Opened in 1936 as a milestone of FDR’s New Deal construction program, this post office closed in the 1970s.

Located in downtown Gary, this awesome Art Deco colossus boasts a marble base marred by graffiti and the partial loss of its roof has allowed decay to rapidly accelerate inside.

This large, multi – level building sits dilapidated on the formerly busy streets. Hard to miss it stand upright and rectangular with 3 big slated sky lights. The glass from the windows now broken and shattered over the course of neglect for many years.

There is a basement that is empty with nothing but pillared columns echoing their former tales. Empty old safes with well worn combination locks remain behind, no longer holding secrets.

Nature has solidly begun to reclaim this building. Little vines, roots and plants have sprouted and sprung up on the inside. Thriving and growing with the greenness of life. The Earth seemingly always takes back its land.

Just like the City Methodist Church around the corner, I didn’t think we would spend much time here but as soon as RiddimRyder, Chris Luckhardt and I got inside and saw the decay, we hunkered down for a longer than expected explore.

I wasn’t even going to do a video at first but the more time I spent inside the more I wanted to document, so I did a silent video to be slightly narrated after the fact.


Inside the Abandoned Gary Indiana Post Office

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