Abandoned Gothic Tudor Mansion

abandoned tudor mansion living room

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Join us on our adventure as we explore an abandoned Tudor mansion that has been left untouched for 30 years.

This stunning property was worth millions, but the tragic suicide of the owner’s partner led to its abandonment.

We’ll take you through the eerie halls and show you what’s been left behind in this once-grand home.

Definitely the highlight of my year so far, this beautiful abandoned Tudor Style Home has been abandoned for roughly 30 years, so I’m told.

In my circles, this house has been done to death and the explorers who follow me are definitely sick of seeing it.
But I also know the majority of people who follow me don’t explore – so this is new to you.

About it being done to death, a friend of mine told me that this house was known to only a handful of people for several months.
These people kept it under wraps and only shared it with the most trusted of trusted friends.

Then, it was shared with one wrong person who was sloppy and careless and the floodgates are opened.

This is not to say that I agree with gatekeeping, I do, but to an extent.

This is where things get funny, this house was supposed to be a closely guarded secret – it still is kind of, but somehow so many people seem to know its location.
When I was planning this trip, I threw out a few feelers about it, luckily my peers trust me enough to know that I will do my best to keep the location under wraps and follow our general guidelines.
This means posting no exteriors, scrubbing my pics and videos for any identifying information, sharing it with no one except the person who comes with me – and making sure they follow these guidelines.

What I found funny about this whole thing is that, if everyone who gets this location is asked to follow these simple guidelines – how the heck do so many people have it!?

I am extremely thankful to those who trusted me with this location and I hope my content posted does right by you.
I am also equally as respectful to those I asked who told me no, that’s the name of the game!
I have not been able to personally verify any details about this house, there is a version about a suicide that happened in the home about 25 years ago and the partner couldn’t stand to live in the house anymore so they left.

There is no reason for me to question that story, but I didn’t hear it firsthand.

The living room was definitely the best part of the house, the rest of the house was quite the mess and I do suspect that a lot of moving around and staging of things has gone on over the months.

This doesn’t bother me as it always makes for an interesting explore to see how others stage.
My contributions to the staging were the addition of an American flag and the placement of a religious robe I found in a closet.
Just before we arrived at this location, Motley Kiwi and I had a bit of an event at an abandoned hotel with two police officers and machine guns.
Everything ended up being OK once the officers realized we were of no harm to anyone but ourselves.
This didn’t affect us and we were both ready to continue with our plans for the day.
By the time we arrived here, it was later in the day and we only had a couple of hours before the sun would set, this means we would have to do this exploration in two visits.
We stayed as long as we could until the sun went down and then we returned the next morning as the sun was coming up and we enjoyed several uninterrupted hours exploring and capturing every detail in every room.
Just a few days after our visit a friend and fellow explorer was here and had a run-in with the owner as they were leaving.
The owner was there to seal the property up and he was apparently installing cameras as well.
My friend said that the owner was a bit confused by all of the stuffed panda bears all over the house.

3 thoughts on “Abandoned Gothic Tudor Mansion”

  1. This house is beautiful! I actually found it one day just driving around, took one peek inside, and knew I had to get in. It is one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever been in. I’m glad this place is hopefully finally secured properly and hopefully it can be restored. I know the abandoned house next door is getting renovated, so I hope this place is next!

  2. Briony Singleton

    Are there any articles on the any previous owners etc. be cool to know the history of them

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