Abandoned House Antiques

photography prints of Abandoned House Antiques

Abandoned House Antiques

Down a back road near a cemetery, on a large lot of vacant land sits this old abandoned house antiques strewn all about every room in the house.  In the middle of this old abandoned house, the roof and main floor have collapsed onto the main floor.

4 thoughts on “Abandoned House Antiques”

  1. Love the shots. Id love to see the story on these abandoned places. Very interesting!

  2. Love these shots, and the commentary on each. Love that Big Ben Clock. Just like one we had 60 years ago.

  3. Thanks for the fascinating photos. An idea: Some old glassware such as Vaseline glass or red Fiestaware will glow green under a black light. This means it is slightly radioactive. You could shine a black light on the antique glassware for an interesting photo effect.

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