Abandoned JN Adams Tuberculosis Hospital

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The Abandoned JN Adams Tuberculosis Hospital with the Stained Glass Dome

From September 1912 through to 1995 this abandoned tuberculosis hospital location served the North Eastern United states as a Tuberculosis Hospital to help treat the thousands who were infected.  Portions of the hospital also served as an educational facility for mentally handicapped children.

The presence of the JN Adams tuberculosis hospital led to a dramatic increase in the local population with the arrival of medical professionals, hospital workers and people visiting patients at the facility.

Inside you will see many curved hallways, which were a popular architectural practice in these types of hospitals in the early 1900’s. These hall ways served two purposes:

1) Their curvature made it impossible to place beds in the connector hallways, which was a common practice at overcrowded hospitals of the era.

2) It allowed a greater level of supervision, as doctors and nurses could easily traverse the entire length of the complex, while orderlies and patients could be confined to a single ward

The grounds of this Abandoned Stained Glass Tuberculosis hospital, which equal around 300 acres housing approximately 15 buildings.  The main centerpiece of this abandoned tuberculosis hospital is the stained glass capped domed cafeteria in the center of the main building.

Now, this gorgeous hospital with a beautiful stained glassed capped domes cafeteria sits in a sad state of decay as a group of volunteers try to save it from demolition and hope to restore it. Until that time, it is a playground for the small handful of Urban Explorers, Ghost Hunters and Photographers who take the risk to explore it!


September 2013 Visit



In 2016 RiddimRyder and I finally made a return visit to explore and shoot this amazing abandoned tuberculosis hospital once again.  We were surprised to see such an increase in the amount of graffiti and vandalism, plus the usual amount of added decay and damage from three more years of abandonment.

6 thoughts on “Abandoned JN Adams Tuberculosis Hospital”

  1. the sky light is fabulous!!! the stained glass is in remarkable condition!!

  2. Absolutely stunning. I LOVE your photos! Thank you SO much for taking us places most of us could never go…. You are like a time machine…..

  3. Melissa Ramirez

    I am very interested in this type of photography. Do you have to have permits or some type of special permissions to enter the locations?

  4. Jordyn Hayes

    I didn’t know you were doing this for so long and you are so famous! I follow @freaktology on both FB and IG and on your TouTube channel. You do amazing work and it’s important to document these hospitals. My grandfather died from tuberculosis as a young man.

  5. I worked there as a pharmacy student. It was very depressing. I use to eat with the resident patients under that dome. The food served was salt less as salt reacted with the very high doses of some of their medications. I also lived on the third floor of the administrative floor which housed students and could hear the patients scream all night. Never complained in my life after my stay there!

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