Abandoned Mansion in the Woods with Abandoned Train Car Urban Exploring

Abandoned Train Car Mansion in the Woods

Urban Exploring Gallery of an Abandoned Mansion in the Woods with Abandoned Train Car

In the winter of 2018 Riddimryder took Carlo Paolozza and I to explore an interesting abandoned mansion in the woods that he had found complete with an abandoned train car in a forest.

This abandoned mansion is entirely hidden from the road and thick brush and no one would ever know it was there if not for satellite imagery and a keen eye.  The home is entirely boarded up on a vast piece of land with a coffin shaped pool.

The mansion was mostly one storey with the master bedroom up the main staircase on a second floor. There are 7 skylights in all with 6 providing natural light inside & the 7th in an outdoor sitting area. The house has been abandoned for approximately 14 years now based on bill dates found in the office. The basement is completely flooded with a few feet of water so unfortunately we couldn’t get down there to further explore.

RiddimRyder was able to determine that this house has an estimated market value of around 6 million dollars.

My personal favourite part of this explore however was not the house, it was the lone CP Rail train car that was found on the property, complete with train tracks for it to sit on.  It was an odd apocalyptic looking site to approach this strange abandoned train car in the middle of the woods!


6 thoughts on “Abandoned Mansion in the Woods with Abandoned Train Car Urban Exploring”

  1. Martina l Leake

    I would like to know more info concerning the mansion in the woods with the train car

  2. I love this place walking distance from my house so I always go back to check up on it

  3. Wow, Ive seen how railroad Caboose are placed in backyards, it almost always invloves a large crane. That’s a neat find and some one converted it to be their little spot in the woods. You can tell becaiuse of the larger, house style windows.

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