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Abandoned Log Cabin Abandoned Mansion Urban Exploring


Abandoned Mansion Log Home Home | Urban Exploring | Vernosa Drive Brampton

This abandoned mansion gallery is actually from an abandoned log home that I visited during a long day of urban exploring abandoned houses and mansions.  RiddimRyder Photography and his girlfriend Zenning with Zay discovered this one in the winter and shared this one with me.

It is a very oddly situated location as it is smack in the middle of a residential development, atop a hill and surrounded by urban sprawl.  However, this property is well hidden by trees, forest and growth, located down a very long driveway on a vast piece of (what looks like) country land,

The abandoned log home mansion is quite large with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, a huge kitchen and double sided fireplace that opens to the kitchen and a dining area.  The main level is at ground level from the front but is elevated from the back making for a beautiful view of the large back yard area. While filming the back of the property I was joined by three deer, you can see them towards the end of the video above.

The highlight of the house is the double helix staircase that extends from the basement, through the main level and up to the second level.  The basement contains two bedrooms, a large recreation room with a bar and a fireplace and a wine cellar and around the back a large iron spiral staircase up to the main level.

Sadly, the local youth have had their way with the place and they continue to do so.  When RiddimRyder visited one of the rooms had another spiral staircase that leads up to a raised bunk area, possibly another bedroom, unfortunately on my visit just a few weeks later the kids had entirely dismantled that spiral staircase and tossed it all about the room.  Another observation from my visit was the railing that runs up the staircase to the second floor, in RiddimRyders pics they are still in tact, in my photos they have been ripped up and tossed.

It’s always a shame to see what destruction happens to these unique and abandoned mansions and abandoned houses, however they are still always a pleasure to explore and photograph


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  2. This is my dream cabin and it’s just sitting there empty! As much as I love abandoned buildings this one is actually upsetting. How long ago was this? Do you think it’s still standing?

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