Abandoned 1980s Mansion Toronto

Exploring an Abandoned 1980s Mansion in Toronto, Ontario

This large and beautiful abandoned mansion is a curiosity that we can’t quite figure out!  For the longest time this home certainly looked vacant, and it was definitely vacant, until a car started showing up in the drive way.  Then suddenly in 2019, some girls managed to sneak inside and shared photos – it was totally empty.

But then, just a few short weeks later someone was living or squatting inside, using the power, there was a bedroom set up, fresh fruit and other things in the house…but only in one room

THEN AGAIN just a few weeks later photos started surfacing again and the house was completely empty, next thing you know there is a line up of explorers up the street waiting for their turn to get in!

hen it was my turn, I pulled up and made my way inside alone, nervous about who or what might greet me inside, I locked the door behind me and all was clear.

It was an amazingly unique explore, the home is large and spacious and with a basement the same size as the main level.  It has a gym, a spiral staircase, two bars, a yoga studio, his and hers toilets, his and hers sinks, a jacuzzi hot tub, a sauna, a towel warmer and a walk in closet that is bigger than some peoples condos!

It was a pleasure to get to explore and experience this house twice to capture photos and videos, check the images below and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Abandoned 1980s Mansion Photo Gallery

Abandoned 1980s Mansion What Is Up Guys Video


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