Abandoned Ontario Baptist Church

Abandoned 120 Year Old Baptist Church 1901

This now abandoned baptist church dates back to 1901

Prior to 1901, the local congregation used an old log structure as their meeting place for worship.  In the early 1800’s several families immigrated from Scotland, setting sail across the ocean, then travelling from their arrival point in Nova Scotia, through Quebec and then the traveled via a Lake Schooner to the shores of what would eventually be South West Ontario.

They constructed the first church, or meeting house in 1844 at 40 feet deep and 30 feet wide with a name plate above the door that revealed the date 1844.  This frame is still used to this day to support an implement shed on a local farm.

The aging meeting house struggled as the congregation grew so in November of 1901 a new brick church was built, a red brick structure at fifty-five feet deep and thirty-six feet wide, with an upper gallery

The interior of the Church is finished in white Georgia pine, and the windows are stained glass. The pulpit and pulpit furniture are of antique oak upholstered in crimson. The Church is heated by a basement furnace. The total cost was about $4,200.

Eventually they would dig a full basement plus a panelled sitting room.

I’ve been unable to determine when the church was closed for good, given the conditions inside – I don’t think there is a very bright future for this old abandoned baptist church

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