The Fowler House | Abandoned Farm House | Urban Exploration | Ontario

The Fowler House | Abandoned Farm House | Urban Exploration | Ontario


Back in August of 2012 only a few months into my start as an eager Urban Explorer my friend JermIX discovered and posted an abandoned farmhouse known as the Abandoned Ontario FarmHouse was known as the Fowler House.   Fast forward 4 years and RiddimRyder and I included this abandoned farmhouse on a long list of locations for us to check out on a long exploring weekend road trip of abandoned urban exploration.

When RiddimRyder and I first explored this house in November of 2016 I actually had no idea that this was a Jerm discovery, we knew this house had been explored by others but we had no idea by whom.

When we entered the house we were amazed by what we were seeing, personal effects, furniture, a piano, intact bedrooms, generations upon generations of family photos and postcards and more.

As Jerm stated in his blog post, this house has been very much picked over and rifled through, items are strewn all about the house, on the floors, on the beds.  Seems like an attempt to find anything of of any monetary value, the sad thing being that if this was the surviving relatives who did this, they disregarded all family photos and family history.  If this was done by looters, then it explains why so much was left behind.

Recently, RiddimRyder and I went back to the house with Carlo Paolozza and we discovered that most of the photos and photo albums were gone, but still most of the other items are still there.  Left behind to rot along with the house.

Surely this home, that seems to be built on a steady foundation won’t be going anywhere any time soon, so it should hopefully serve as a great location for any eager urban explorer to discover and explore for themselves.  A house like this is a nice break from all of the empty houses and this abandoned house has just what many explorers are hoping to find!

Here is a video from my explore in 2018, and all photos below were taken in November 2016.


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Abandoned Ontario Fowler Family Farm House


Various Rooms in the House

Family Photos and Personal Items




Vintage Postcards

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