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Abandoned Ontario Photography

This page is a selection of my favourite photos from the many Abandoned Ontario buildings and houses I have visited and photographed over the years.

Abandoned Ontario houses, Abandoned Ontario hospitals and Abandoned Ontario power plants are all easily located all over the province of Ontario. Some of the locations below have been demolished, some are barely left standing and some are in pristine condition. Below is a gallery of some of the abandoned Ontario houses, hospitals and factories that I have explored and photographed.

With every passing year we are finding more and more abandoned Ontario houses along the back roads and farmlands. As cities grow and the need for improved infrastructure increases, our cities and towns encroach upon what was once great farmland. Home builders to real estate companies and developers will buy out acres of vacant land and sit on it, waiting for the need to build and for the people to come and waiting for the growth they can profit from.

I find that photographing abandoned Ontario houses is a passion, it’s uncovering and capturing history and it’s very interesting…I like to consider it capturing the present state of the past. The present state in that these places stopped living long ago, in most cases however the rooms remain today as they were in the past, the day the last person walked out the door.

While many consider it sad to see so many abandoned Ontario homes left to rot or lost to time, it is a sign of progress and growth when the land is purchased and developed.  I can only hope that my photography, and others will preserve what was once there and serve as great memories for those who remember.



25 thoughts on “Abandoned Ontario | Abandoned Houses in Ontario”

  1. Sam Jephcott

    Abandoned Ontario House, Fall Scene
    Where is this property?
    Interested in locating for a feature film shoot…
    Sam J.
    Line Producer

  2. Would you get some more pictures from Camp 30, the last remaining POW camp from WWII I recognize the pool from other photo’s I’ve seen. I’ve been dying to get into the buildings and take photos, (I took some through windows looking in this past winter). I love all these photos!

  3. I hope people don’t find out where most of these places are. I would love to see more photos
    of those and other places. Not that I wouldn’t want to see in person. It is best left undisturbed where others won’t raid them. If you get enough photos of them including inside trims and beautiful old doors and baseboards and put it into a book i will buy a book from you.
    Keep up the great travels and lets us see these beauties through your eyes.

  4. Kylie Anderson

    Hi there! I was just curious, what kind of film would you be producing? Did you ever get a chance to film on any of the properties? Sorry for all the questions. I’m just very interested in the film industry.

  5. Wow, this is some really good photography!!! I would to see more of your work!
    Also, I was wondering if you could mention any of the addresses for these abandoned buildings. I’m doing a school project where I have to film at an abandoned place, and I’m not sure which are open for walking in and filming.
    If you can, please reply 🙂 Thanks, and keep up the awesome pictures!!!

  6. Pamela Gall

    Some beautiful finds, wonderful photography keep up the good work & thank you for sharing.

  7. I am in awe of how pristine some of these time capsuled places are. Always been fascinated with old abandoned houses! Thank you for capturing so we can live it through your photos.

  8. Love these photo’s , being a bit of an adventurer myself , even as a kid, I would go and explore old houses that were abandoned. One particular house comes to mind, it was on Talbot Rd a few miles from my parents home. A bunch of us teens decided to go in and explore, it had been empty for many many years. When we walked in the back door it led us to the kitchen, which still set with plates and food on them yet. Of course we couldn’t tell what food it use to be since it had turned grey from mold, but all the furniture, clothing and personal effects was still there. I wished I had explored further but was nervous since it was during the day and was afraid of being caught. One of your pictures reminds me of it, it was an old two story wooden structure with the same bay front windows on top and bottom. For a minute I thought it was the same house but this one is close to the lake I believe. I was so hoping that you might have a picture of it but I don’t see one. I have been in other places to explore but nothing left me with that feeling of I wonder what happened? Great photo’s btw, thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Very nice, good job. Looking at these pictures makes me want to drive around and look for abandoned houses and photograph stuff on my own

  10. Just because a property is abandoned does not mean that is not owned. I have two “abandoned properties” and I have given no one permission to enter them – sadly, thieves seem to think it is okay. Abandoned or not you are trespassing.

  11. These pictures are all so amazing and breathtaking. I hope to be able to visit some places.

  12. Hi I am wandering where that house is in Hamilton with the spiral stair case that was owned by a hoarder I would love to go and explore there. I love exploring and finding new things.

  13. Jo-Anne The Bunny Lady

    My dream is to take one of these houses and restore it to its original glory (after I win the lottery of course!) Then I can run my small animal rescue there. Will have saved 2 things – the animals and the house!

  14. Great seeing all these homes from my old country. The one with pond and shed is similar to a pal’s house I visited in 1965 – wondering here now. Also wondering why in some homes it’s like they just got up and left. Maybe they had come to Canada and yearned badly to return home? Guess most of the we’ll never know.

  15. Michael Smith

    Awesome photography! You have perfectly captured the essence of what hooks an urban explorer and I’m glad I found your work. I look forward to seeing more of the world through your lens!

  16. nice photography! can you post a location for the old hearse carriage and wicker casket found in an abandoned house would love to check it out and take some photographs myself.

  17. Hi my name is Nathalie, I am a physic medium and love finding abandoned/haunted homes as some have a pass, some need help, it’s a calling, I always use a voice recording device, EMF reader, and do video recording the whole time. I love your pictures you have a talent that not all have. I would be ad most grateful if you could provide a few locations while I am in Sudbury for the next 2 days. I live in North bay and have been able to find some interesting ghost towns and capture a woman spirit.
    We should maybe work together sometime. Email me and we could discuss more

  18. What is your Instagram, Facebook, Periscope….ect. Would love to follow. Great Stuff here!

  19. Lisa Linardatos

    Hello! I love your pics! I grew up in rural Ontario (Wingham Ontario) and was always intrigued by the abandoned farmhouse that dotted the landscape. I was wondering what general area of Ontario this is/these places are? Thank you!

  20. I wouldnt mind finding and exploring an abandoned mansion that has been abandoned and unvandalized for close to 10 yrs and if its comfy to me I wouldnt mind living in it don’t mind how scary it seems to some

  21. cheryl a Erb

    There is an incredible sadness at the abandonement of these once-fine places. I would love to know the history of how they were abandoned — of course there would be a lot of sadness there.

    I need help with an address and/or contact information of a You Tube segment I saw by noah.nowhere, called: Abandoned Log Mansion in the Woods, Ep. 20 (I assume episode 20) of Forgotten Homes Ontario dated last summer.

    I have been unable to contact noah.nowhere.
    I would need an address to contact Ontario R.E. Dept. of Records.
    Can you help – please?


  22. As somebody else noted, “abandoned” does not equal public property no matter how interesting these places are.
    Take the United church for example, the lights were still on for goodness sake and the Ford plant is most assuredly private property.
    Lovely finds but without permission you trespassed in every single one of these places. You know what happens to the owner if you get hurt there, they get screwed.

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