Plan a trip to abandoned places in Canada

Plan a Trip to Abandoned Places in Canada

For years, a lot of people have been interested in visiting abandoned locations in Canada. Many of them have been visiting abandoned locations since they were teens, and some have gotten caught. 

In Canada, there are abandoned houses, shopping malls, barns, factories, and other buildings that are regarded as dangerous locations to visit. What it means is that going to such places without permission is improper. Though you can get permission from appropriate offices.

But if you’re among those who have had the thought of visiting these places, or who want to explore where they shouldn’t, then here are a few tips for planning a trip to abandoned places in Canada.

Tips for planning a trip to abandoned places in Canada.

Understand that it is illegal

You should be informed that it is illegal to visit an abandoned and preserved place. Abandoned locations are known to be private properties and this means that you can be sued if cut visiting the place without appropriate permission. 

There are a few tips for planning a trip to the abandoned places in Canada. One of the main pieces of advice is, of course, to get prepared in advance. Booking accommodation is surely the top priority. You can find out the most suitable location, and explore via rentola Calgary areas, which suit you best. 

Always go with friends

Remember that if you’re alone in a place and anything happens, you will be in danger, and you’ll probably run out of luck. It is a good idea to go to abandoned places with a cell phone to call in case you need help, but what if there isn’t service coverage, especially in rural areas? You probably can’t reach anyone for help.

You should get someone along when visiting abandoned places, at least you will have company. Having someone or people around you instills confidence and courage in you knowing that there will be help whenever you need it.

Do not share your location

You shouldn’t post a picture of the abandoned building over the internet, if you do, somebody might likely ask you. A lot of people are just curious, and these abandoned places have been left alone for decades and it won’t be proper to lose them now. However, if you do trust the person, you can message them privately. It is better this way.

Abandoned places to visit in Canada

Abandoned places to visit in Canada The Bankhead, In Alberta.

The Bankhead, In Alberta.

This is a mine that became unprofitable due to decades of labor strikes and money shortages which was then shut down in 1922. Even though many buildings were taken elsewhere, this place has been protected by the National Parks Act, which ensures the preservation of its structures. 

However, you can still visit Bankhead if you want to see its remains. Though there are only a few things left off Bankhead.

The Parkhurst Ghost Town, Whistler, British Columbia Abandoned places to visit in Canada

The Parkhurst Ghost Town, Whistler, British Columbia

This is known as one of the world-class skiing towns but is now left in an abandoned forest. This place was named Parkhurst which happens to be the name of the rightful owners. It was a town that was once a successful logging outpost for many which was home to more than 70 workers during its peak.

Exploring the Abandoned Burwash Correctional Centre Camp Bison

The Burwash Correctional Center, Killarney, Ontario

If you would like to visit an abandoned prison, then here’s one for you. This is one of the abandoned prisons found in the southern part of Ontario. This place was opened in 1914 with a capacity of containing more than 800 prisoners. You would find a farm, post office, and church when you visit the prison, which was then used by inmates.


Including a place to stay when planning a trip to abandoned places in Canada is important, except you don’t have the intention of exploring for days or weeks. Canada gots lots of abandoned places you and your friends can visit, but always remember to get the permission needed.