About This Abandoned Building

On a cold day in November of 2022 I was out exploring with friends Motley Kiwi and s0s1nc3r3, we had run out of our planned locations when s0s1nc3r3 mentioned that he had something in the area for us to check out.

This location was new to us and we had no idea what the story might be, it was set down a bit of an embankment on a large piece of rural property with beautiful sweeping views of the peninsula and rolling hills and its own very large pond.

We entered into the basement to be greeted by colourful 60’s and 70’s wallpaper and a unique Mid Century Modern staircase.

A large hole in the roof provided a steady stream of water directly onto the staircase and given the temperatures that day, all of that water had frozen making for a very slippery walk upstairs.

It was getting late in the day and the sun was setting soon, giving us a fantastic light show of golden hues through the tattered curtains.

We took turns shooting the various rooms, taking in the advanced decay and looking for items of interest, such as a record player that was frozen to the floor, a stone MCM fireplace and the unique exterior with a number of newly added rooms and a missing roof.

We all wrapped up happy and satisfied with another good explore on the books, however none of us actually knew any details of the reason for abandonment or the nature of this land.

In December I posted an exterior photo and a follower named Shannon sent me a message to tell me that my friend RiddimRyder had been here and learned that it was a polygamyst compound.

According to research done by RiddimRyder and information pulled from his website, the Polygamist group was new to the area & had acquired the land from a farmer looking to move south of the border & retire from the harsh Canadian winters.

RiddimRyder learned that the polygamist group was growing rapidly & with the financial support of some of the closest members the mansion’s foundation was poured with expectations of expansion as more members moved to the site.

RiddimRyders research continues, eventually the leader of the group was brought up on numerous charges & was sentenced to a lengthy prison term.

The group was disbanded & the property & assets seized by the local authorities.

Here is RiddimRyders video and gallery where the info came from:

Abandoned Polygamist Compound

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The Exterior


The Inside

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