Abandoned School in Buffalo New York

abandoned buffalo high school

Abandoned School Buffalo New York

This now abandoned school in Buffalo is one of 11 former public schools currently sitting vacant. The school closed in 1979, seeing limited stints as an audio/visual center and storage facility afterward.

The school was closed to new students in 1979 and was used as offices and warehouse storage, mostly for the Audio Visual Center. It was closed officially in 2002 and has been abandoned ever since.

In recent years it seeks that a veterans housing organization is eyeing the former school and surrounding land for its latest project that could include up to 50 apartments and 15 townhouses

The Developer proposes the historic adaptive reuse of the former School and the construction of townhomes on vacant lots surrounding the School.

The development plan proposes the conversion of the school building into approximately 40 to 50, one and two-bedroom affordable housing units, and new construction of between 10 and 15 single-family three or four-bedroom townhomes on the surrounding vacant lots.

Last Fall RiddimRyder and I were driving around Buffalo in between locations and we passed what looked like an abandoned school.

We pulled over and walked around, sure enough it was abandoned but the way in was a bit tricky.

I was, admittedly, hesitant to do it, scaling a small ledge to climb up and in a window. RiddimRyder very quickly reminded me to take my balls out of my purse and step up.

There’s nothing like RiddimRyder telling you to remove your balls from your purse to get you up and on that ledge!!

Inside was a smorgasbord of decay and textures, just what we love to see, the school is basically a big square with a courtyard in the middle and three floors. Many of the classrooms were the same as were the hallways, but the advanced decay inside was just what we needed!


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