Abandoned $6,000,000 80’s Minimalist Mansion

Abandoned 6 Million Dollar Mid-Century Modern Mansion

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My friend and fellow explorer Ethan Minnie advised me that this home is actually of the 1980s Minimalist/Modernism style, not Mid Century as I had stated. I always get these things wrong!!!
Anyway, Check out this now abandoned $6,000,000 Minimalist/Modernism mansion located in a prestigious neighbourhood in the Greater Toronto Area!
The abandoned house has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and the design of the home won some awards in the 1980s!

1 thought on “Abandoned $6,000,000 80’s Minimalist Mansion”

  1. I would not like to live in thos house. There is nothing pretting about it. But love that you took us in to see it!

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