Freaky Finds Volume 1: The Forgotten Staircases of Abandoned Buildings

In my recent blog about Abandoned Buildings, I talked about the beauty there is to be found inside these unique and intriguing places. The photos and the story spoke generally about the items you may find from letters to bullets to trophies and photos.

The personal items within an abandoned house are things you have to look for, seek out and hope to find. There are however a few things to be found in abandonments that jump out at you the second you walk in: brass door knobs, decorative woodwork, stained glass windows to name a few.




One of the qualities of an old home that seems to have been left out of our modern day cookie cutter homes is an elegant looking staircase. Hardwood banisters and railings, winding stairs, double wide steps, heavy anchoring newel post at the base – I’ve seen many simple abandoned homes from years ago that all have an elegant staircase…..



It’s not only the classic abandoned houses that are hiding these gorgeous staircases behind their boarded up windows and doors, it’s also medical institutions. Wrought Iron railings and stairs that compliment a main lobby area, or tall winding staircases that never seem to end…..



Recently, I visited an abandoned power transformer station that had been hiding one of the best set of stairs I had seen. Tucked away in a corner, unused for decades sat these incredible iron spiral stairs…


Even if not a classic winding staircase complete with red carpet and mahogany railings, Urban Explorers are always on the lookout for a great set of stairs to photograph, with the right lighting and shadows a staircase can be one of the best parts of any abandoned building…




One of the few signs of the lives that used to live within the walls of abandoned homes are the worn out wooden steps, scarred by years and years of footsteps that walked them, up and down, day and night. In an empty home, the steps creak loudly as you walk them – one step always louder than the rest.




I, as well as many other Urban Explorers have photographed hundreds of staircases inside abandoned houses, derelict hospitals, vacant luxury hotels and even abandoned train stations.



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  1. I just wanted to know how you got into something like this? It is so interesting and I am sure you see such amazing things!

  2. Claude Morneau

    hi. Is there any buildings that are still able to photograph today. I see a lot but they are older photos and do not know if they are still around. Please let me know if there is any that can be photographed now. Thanks

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