Exploring A $6,000,000 Abandoned Mansion in Ontario | Abandoned Titanic Staircase Mansion

Exploring A $6,000,000 Abandoned Mansion in Ontario, Abandoned Titanic Staircase Mansion

This HUUGE Abandoned $6,000,000 mansion in Ontario has been on my map for a few years but I have never managed to get access, until recently!

I had seen photos from another explorer from when the home was still full of contents, he said at that time there was some evidence that scrappers had been in the house. Now, that evidence is everywhere as much has been dismantled and picked apart.

The abandoned mansion, which is nearly 60 years old and on 2.5 acres of land features five-bedrooms, a Titanic-like main staircase and glassed-in pool just off the kitchen. Two huge bathrooms on the second floor each have a jacuzzi hot tub and the main ensuite bathroom also has a sauna.

This home was, for a short period of time, only known by a few and only explored by a very small handful who were veery careful to not post exterior photos and not give any clues as to its location.

But, loose lips sink ships and and this ship was sunk FAST by a giant ice-burg in the shape of irresponsible Ontario explorers who told 4 friends, who told 4 friends, who told 4 friends and it spiralled out of control.

Now – it is easily one of the most well known abandoned mansions in the province and it has entirely lost its mystique.

I can proudly say that I had only told two people about this house in the early days of its discovery, followed by two more people many many months later when it was already too late and too well known to even care.

Politics and whining aside, this was a great home to explore with the large double staircase in the main foyer, the large indoor pool and the basement bar. There was once an attempt by the wealthy owner to auction this home and some of its contents off, but that was a failure and the home did not sell.

I don’t know the status of the home today, meaning I don’t know who owns it or why the hell it has been sitting in this state for so long. I pop in every once in a while to look around and I’m glad to see that there hasn’t really been any graffiti or serious vandalism, but it’s been a few months since I stopped by for a look.

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The Foyer and Grand Staircase in this Abandoned Mansion

Abandoned Mansion Indoor Pool

The Rest of this Beautiful Abandoned Mansion in Ontario

360 Degree Interactive Photos of this Abandoned Mansion


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2 thoughts on “Exploring A $6,000,000 Abandoned Mansion in Ontario | Abandoned Titanic Staircase Mansion”

  1. Hey I love getting inspiration from these homes and me and my boyfriend are looking for activities and places to explore, we’re not the type to EVER VANDALIZE! Anyways I was wondering if you could share some addresses, we can explore together.

  2. Checked it out a couple weeks ago and it’s been completely destroyed by vandals. Looks like people had a party there

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