Abandoned Untouched Time Capsule House with Human Remains and Guns Found

Abandoned Untouched Time Capsule House with Human Remains and Guns Found

This abandoned time capsule house was a very odd location, the owners had both been passed for at least two years, and during this time there had been zero activity on the property.

Power and heat still running, but the exterior never maintained, grass not cut and driveway never plowed in the winter time.

Watched for the entire time by some local explorers, they finally decided it was time to make an attempt , the found the house was entirely open and unsecured.

I would come to learn that the home was owned by a man a woman. The man, who came from Hong Kong was a Mechanical Engineer. He completed his apprenticeship in Hong Kong in the 1960’s and continued his work once he moved to Canada. In 1970 he received his certificate in Mechanical Technology in 1970 from Ryerson.

He had been married and was divorced in 1981.

His second wife had moved to Canada from Germany in 1969, while I can’t find much about her, it seems she had suffered a debilitating stroke sometime around 2015/2017.

By 2020, both husband and wife had passed away.

Inside the home, there were two urns containing the ashes of people, however there were no names or identification to go along with the urns. One urn was a simple white urn, the other was a wooden urn with native carvings and imagery on it.

The home was built in 1988 and described as am 1800 sq ft single family bungalow with two bedrooms.

Oddly, there was a real estate listing that had this home for rent on a one year lease with photos of the interior of the home messy and in disarray. Items tossed on the floor, messy counter tops, messy dressers, dirty carpets and unmade beds.

I would learn that several items had been removed from the home and it appeared that much of the home had been tossed with no care for the items or contents.

As of today, several months following my visit with s0s1nc3r3, the home can still be found in this condition, abandoned, overgrown and uncared for

Thanks to s0s1nc3r3 for this explore

And to Chantilly Lace Exploring


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