Almost an Abandoned Time Capsule House Urban Exploration

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Almost an Abandoned Time Capsule House Urban Exploration

Exploring an Abandoned House Full of Antiques

This is a very unique and interesting abandoned house. Not exactly a time capsule with EVERYTHING left behind, but with just enough stuff left behind to keep it interesting.

Esther was born on November 3rd, 1893. On August 9th, 1923, Esther received her diploma from the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. Not long after, she was married to Arthur and soon after that, Esther gave birth to three children, Gordon, Dorothy and Donald.

Together this 5 person family lived in this small country home, a musical family, there was a piano in the living room and radios and record players found all throughout. Additionally, they took any photos of their family vacations and getaways ad was evident by the amount of slides, negatives and projector equipment found all about the home.

I visited this abandoned house on two occasions, once in 2012 with my friend JermIX and again in 2017 with my friends Mathieu and Martin from Memento Mori Photo.


Summer of 2012 Visit

Summer of 2017 Visit

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  1. Its something about someone who came over and entered the barn without knocking…he was going to give them two prize winning roosters but since they didn’t knock he didn’t give them the roosters.

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