Alone Overnight in an Abandoned Castle

An amazing opportunity, I was told of an abandoned “castle” several hours from home.

I cancelled an entire day of exploring multiple locations so I can stay over night alone in this amazing and HUGE abandoned, forgotten and untouched Time Capsule Castle.

This abandoned chateau was left vacated around 2015 after a massive flood took over the town and ultimately ruined the basement.

The damage and black mold was far too much for anyone to handle, they cut out all of the basement walls but it still wasn’t enough and the owners were forced to abandoned the building.

The costs to fix and renovate are far too much for anyone to carry and no one wants this building, so now it sits, beautiful, forgotten and abandoned,

Check the video, it’s a long one and spend a night alone with me!!!

Alone Overnight In An Abandoned Castle

In the summer of 2021, I headed to Quebec for 4 days of exploring, I had a very ambitious schedule that would take me from Cornwall, Ontario all the way to North East of Quebec City with many points in between.

On my 2nd day, I met up with two local friends and after a full day of exploring they told me about a beautiful mansion that looks like a castle and it’s still filled with contents. They knew that I liked to spend the night in abandoned buildings and they told me this one would be perfect for that!

They showed me a few pictures and I was sold, the location was far off of my planned path and I would basically have to give up an entire day and a half of my planned locations – but it would be worth it!

With a new plan and set of coordinates, I headed to the destination, trying to arrive before sunset.

I arrived in this small Quebec town and followed the specific instructions from my friends on how to get in, I made my way inside and knew right away I made the right choice!

Inside was beautiful, once a large mansion-like home, it had been converted into a care facility with a chapel and a hospital-type building at the back.

There were many rooms, all of them very clean and all of them with a single bed and dresser, each room locked from the inside.

I settled into my chosen room, explored the whole place in the dark, headed off for some food and drinks for the night and spent the evening enjoying my own personal abandoned castle mansion. When I went to sleep I locked the door to my room, had a great sleep and woke up to enjoy the location with the benefit of daylight!

This was one of my favourite overnights in an abandoned building and I have my two French friends to thank for trusting me with this unique location!

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