Beautiful Stone Abandoned Mansion Built in 1937

This beautiful stone built abandoned mansion was constructed in 1937 for the daughter and son in law of a local wealthy business man.
There are several other homes and mansions in the area of this style that are not abandoned, this one has been granted heritage designation, but that doesn’t mean much these days!
This abandoned mansion, while not a mansion by todays standards, would have definitely been considered a mansion when it was built in 1937.
In the days leading up to my arrival here, I had intentionally put myself into many high stress situations at locations that I had no prior intel on, resulting in a few games of cat and mouse, watching through windows as property owners frantically searched for me and in some cases, hiding until it was safe for me to make my escape.
Needless to say, this house was a welcome explore where I could relax and just enjoy the location and not have to worry about thing.
The only problem here was, the access point was a very very tight squeeze though a board that still had nails poking through it into a door into the basement. 
I ended up ripping my jeans on the tight squeeze through!
The decay in here was incredible and it’s a location I was very excited to finally get a chance to see!
Houses like this one are some of my favourite to photograph with the different colours and textures and the way light and shadows cast off the peeling paint.

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  1. What is the building next door to the house. Do you ever get owners approval to enter these properties?

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