Exploring the Abandoned Caddys and Rockpile East Concert Venue

abandoned caddys strip club

Exploring the Abandoned Caddys and Rockpile East Concert Venue


Caddys in Scarborough Ontario was once described as “In a black, cinder-block building on Eglinton Ave. E., a gaudy sign welcomes patrons to what has become the Jurassic Park of the flesh-pedaling business.

For decades, Caddy’s provided blue collar men with an escape from the drudgery of their lives, wives and troubles.”

Sounds like quite the high class location!

The now abandoned strip club is another casualty of changing times and an emerging new morality. It joins Jilly’s, House of Lancaster, Cheaters, Private Eyes and probably dozens of others on the peeler palace slag heap.

In 1998, there were 47 strip joints in Toronto. That number had plummeted to around 12 in 2017 according to the City of Toronto’s Municipal Licensing and Standards office.

Caddys was closed down in 2017 and has remained vacant ever since, along with the All Star Bowling Lanes to the left of Caddys, the RockPile East to the right of Caddys and the seedy Eglinton Inn above Caddys and RockPile.

There is currently a proposal for Mattamy Homes to redevelop the property and build six blocks of 4-storey townhomes to replace ageing 2-storey commercial buildings currently housing the Eglinton Inn, Caddy’s Adult Entertainment, and All-Star Bowling

I explored Caddys, the RockPile and the Eglinton Inn early in 2019 with friends Forgotten Productions, Carlo Paolozza and RiddimRyder. At the time, these abandoned properties were only known to a small handful of explorers and this made for a great explore with no graffiti and no vandalism.

We kept our photos and information quiet, however is was inevitable that people would learn of this abandoned strip club and it very quickly was visited by vandals, graffiti artists and other explorers, making this a very hot spot for a period of time.

The buildings still stand as of November 2019 and I can’t find any sort of timeline for the redevelopment.

Abandoned Caddys Strip Club

Abandoned Rockpile East Toronto

Huge thanks to Forgotten Productions for thinking of us and taking us along on this explore, check them out here:

Forgotten Productions

Carlo Paolozza

RiddimRyder Photography

Zenning with Zay

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  1. This is awesome! Love the Rockpile ones. Know 2 of the bands personally (Anvil and Killer Dwarves)

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