Castle in the Hills

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The Abandoned Castle in the Hills, more formally known as McFadden’s Physical Culture Hotel, or the Jackson Sanitarium.  This castle like building was active from 1883-1971, and since its closure has fallen into advanced decay year over year.

At the time of my visit in 2012 an entire wing has collapsed and a home on the property had burned down. Also, at the back of the building a huge gash has been taken from the building as the bricks gave way and crumbed to the ground.  It will not be long before this abandoned castle in the hills is no more than a giant heap of rubble and bricks, I just hope there is no one inside when it all finally gives in.

3 thoughts on “Castle in the Hills”

  1. This is so interesting , are there really jobs that pay you to make findings like you have posted. I would love to do this .

  2. I really wish that architectural details could be saved like the flowers on the steps. You don’t see much of that anywhere.

    I saw a story about a place that had mold in it and the property was condemned. The owners left everything and it has been looted. Do you wear masks or anything to keep from inhaling toxic stuff? The mold affected a woman’s son and her husband. He had to quit working because he could not remember things. The house was like Tara in Gone With the Wind.

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