Classic Abandoned Ontario Farmhouse 2020

classic abandoned farmhouse photography

Exploring a Classic Abandoned Ontario Farmhouse

This is a classic old abandoned farmhouse in Ontario, Canada. Lots of old furniture left behind and a lot of decay inside.

This house was given to me from RiddimRyder , he and ZenningWithZay were exploring the house and they ended up getting caught from the owner of the property who just lives up the street.

As they were exploring they heard someone calling in from outside, when ZenningWithZay answered the door the man was surprised to see a girl. He asked what they were doing, told them they are trespassing and that it’s not safe inside. Then, he said they may as well stay and finish up since they are already in.

Knowing this info, I was expecting the same thing to happen to me – and it did, within minutes of turning on my GoPro to start filming.

“Hello” Calls the man from outside

He told me this was his grandmas house and that people are going in the house all the time, which is very dangerous as he is on the hook if someone hurts themselves.

As he did with Riddim and Zay, the man allowed me to stay inside and finish what I’m doing, I promised him that I’ll be careful and I apologized for the bother.

Inside, the house was just the kind of abandoned house that I enjoy, it has just enough furniture left behind and lots of decay in every room.

Come on inside and let’s explore this old abandoned Ontario farmhouse.

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  1. I tried emailing but film ended before iI could complete my message. Would appreciate it if you could provide my email to the family so they can contact me about possibly buying and reenergizing the farm. The house will have to be demolished, but several of the mementos can be preserved. The land can be restored to it former glory.

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