Clock Makers Abandoned Time Capsule House

abandoned clockmakers time capsule house

Exploring the Clock Makers Abandoned Time Capsule House

This location is a house known as the Clock Makers Abandoned Time Capsule House, shared to me by @Urbeanz_Exploring and @Urbex_islife on Instagram, this is one of those rare homes where dust and cobwebs collect, rodents and raccoons make their way in and yet everything inside looks (almost) just as it did they day the owners passed away.

All through the house were various assortments of clocks in every room, in the basement was a workshop with decades worth of tools of the clock making/repairing trade and the basement recreation room was a showroom with dozens old clocks on display.

The window of opportunity here, at the time, was short. A small handful of explorers had discovered and explored this home and it didn’t take long before the home was entirely sealed off. Whomever was tasked with sealing the house did such a good job that they started with sealing from the inside by installing metal bars across windows, from there, they improvised using rope and coat hangers to ensure that door knobs could not be turned or opened from the outside. From there, they used caulking on the INSIDE of the doors to seal them from opening and then they proceeded to jam 2×4’s between the door knobs and any solid surface.

At basement doors, they collected large and heavy items and jammed them up against sliding patio doors.

Once they were done inside, they left one door uncaulked from the inside, exited the house and then caulked THAT door and every other door and window from the outside. They literally sealed the house off entirely even to themselves. There was not one single way to enter this house, with or without a key, they were determined to keep people out.

Lucky for me, I arrived to explore this home before the mass caulking, but things being as they are – someone did still manage to find a way inside as there have been a number of other explorers inside this house post-caulkapalooza

Inside this rural home was as odd as it gets, 1970’s wallpaper, furniture, the familiar photos of Blue Boy and Pink Lady that were popular in the 70’s and 80’s.

Every room still fully furnished and ready to be lived in tomorrow, some rooms had items tossed onto the beds or on the floor, either a family member looking through belongings or explorers doing the same.

The kitchen still had dishes in the sink, food in the pantry, popcorn and a popcorn popper atop the fridge,

Clocks in every room, of all shapes and sizes, types and makes. In the basement rec room, along with a rustic country bar and pool table was an entire collection of clocks on display from grandfather clocks to coo coo clocks. Also in the basement was a clock makers work shop filled with the most delicate tools used for such precise work as fixing clocks

It has been discovered that the clocks had originally been part of another man’s collection. That man had since passed away.

Another explorer learned that the couple who owned this house passed away several years ago. He states that this seemed to coincide with additional information that the house had been transferred to the son for an amount of $2 in 2006. 2006 is also the time when the homeowner’s purchases of clocks ceased.

The son lives hours away in a major Ontario city, he has his own life and his own unique hobby to make his living

A neighbour had mentioned to another individual that the property is regularly checked on, which would explain the quick response to sealing the house, I don’t know the current state of the house today.

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  1. Such sadness but a beautiful place. Thank you for taking us into a nice families life and a picture of Jesus! Precious !

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